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Episode Guide

Welcome to Dunwyn's new Gummi Bear Episode Guide.

General Series Information - Episodes

Show Information
NBC September 14, 1985 - September 2, 1989
ABC September 9, 1989 - September 8, 1990
Syndicated on the Disney Afternoon September 1990 - March 1991
Running Time 30min
Crew Credits
Created largely by Jymn Magon (Tale Spin, Book of Pooh, House of Mouse) and Disney Television
Produced by Art Vitello (the Tick, Tazmania, Tiny Toon Adventures)
Directed by David Block (Duck Tales), Art Vitello (the Tick, Tazmania, Tiny Toon Adventures) and Jamie Mitchell (Hey Arnold, Chip and Dale's Rescue Rangers)......and others
Corey Burton .... Toadwort (Toadie)/Gruffi (voice)
Roger C. Carmel .... Sir Tuxford (I) (1986) (voice)
Brian Cummings .... Sir Tuxford (II) (1987-1991)/Art Deco (voice)
Jim Cummings .... Zummi Gummi (1990- )/Chummi (voice)
Walker Edmiston .... Sir Thornberry (voice)
David Faustino .... Cavin (III) (1987) (voice)
June Foray .... Grammi (voice)
Christian Jacobs .... Cavin (I) (1985) (voice)
Brett Johnson .... Cavin (II) (1986) (voice)
Katie Leigh .... Sunni (voice)
Tress MacNeille .... Lady Bane (voice)
Jason Marsden .... Cavin (IV) (1989-1990) (voice)
Lorenzo Music .... Tummi (voice)
Noelle North .... Princess Calla/Cubbi/Mobile Tree (voice)
Rob Paulsen .... Gusto (voice)
Will Ryan .... Gad/Zook/Unwin/Ogres/Additional Voices (voice)
Michael Rye .... Duke Igthorn/King Gregor (voice)
Bill Scott (I) .... Toadwort/Sir Tuxford/Gruffi (voice)
R.J. Williams .... Cavin (V) (1990-1991) (voice)
Paul Winchell .... Zummi (1985-1989) (voice)